A Book Lover’s Super Tuesday

I have declared today Super Tuesday.  I’m not sure why there are so many great books being released today, but I’m ecstatic about it. Politics aside, I am casting my vote for the books I am most excited about reading.   Get ready to overload your TBR list.

Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic 
Already ranked #1 in Amazon’s list of Etiquette Guides and Advice, The Madame Chic-ophiles (I’m in that group) are lined up for another installment in the education of Jennifer L. Scott’s at the hand of her French mentor.  Giving us the true definition of poise (it takes 3 C’s and 2 P’s), this handy style guide can help anyone become an awe-inspiring woman “that walks through her day as though she knows a delicious secret”.

Becoming Beyonce:  The Untold Story 
I adore Beyonce-she is my generation’s Tina Turner.  Famously private, very little gets into the public eye that isn’t perfectly presented about QueenBey.  I’m excited to get my hand on J. Randy Taraborrelli’s treatment of the life behind the veil.  J. Randy (we’re friends in my mind, so I can call him that) is always probing, but never salacious.  He covers his subjects with respect, but is not afraid to show their warts, helping us understand the human side of our most idolized icons.

Kate Spade New York:   All in Good Taste
The Kate Spade library of books is a fun romp of charming and gracious living.  The new installment lends a hand to the helpless hostess as the holiday season approaches.  Dedicated to the lost art of entertaining well, it is an easily accessible guide of how to lend panache and style to your celebrations.  From making a killer guest list to setting a proper table, it is not your mother’s guide book.  Never shaken, the always charming Kate Spade girl is the epitome of cocktail chic.

 Notorious RBG:  The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg 
Anytime an octogenarian begins to have a moment with the younger generation, it’s time to take notice.  The legal pioneer is the subject of a Tumblr page merging her pioneering legal work with the dead rapper.  Irony notwithstanding, attention must be paid.  This profound look at her groundbreaking Supreme Court decisions is immensely relevant in light of the current spotlight on women’s rights and equality.

 Fashion:  A Timeline in Photographs
Style stalking has become the catnip of this social media driven world.  Caroline Rennolds Milbank is a spectacular fashion historian, providing a literary sartorialist viewing at the looks that preoccupied the fashionable set in every decade of the last 150 years.  Since it’s published by Rizzoli (witness my obsession here), you know this is no cheap compilation of the usual snapshots: there are more than 1400 rarely seen or never seen photos with yearbyyear detailing that examines the actual prevalence of style in the streets. 

How to be a Bad Bitch 
There are a few books released today that explore feminism and it’s icons.  I’m including this one in that group.  It may not be all pink and lace,  but Amber Rose makes a strong argument for reclaiming the pejorative term and reinventing it as a title for women that have it all together.  A feminist by any other name would smell just as sweet and this book by Ms. Rose is a brave manifesto for a bolder, flashier, in your face generation.

The Looks of Love:  50 Moments in Fashion that Inspired Romance 
I can’t turn away from a great coffee table book. Hal Rubenstein is always a spectacular chronicler of fashion moments-this time he turns his attention to the runway, television, movies and news for the moments and ideas that exemplify how we think and behave in love.  How many love movies have featured trench coats in the tear-stained ending? (check it out here as well).   How in turn has the trench coat come to symbolize buttoned-up seduction?  Such riveting facts with the glorious photos reach into the 1930s to today, exploring the interplay of fashion and pop culture.

Love Style Life 
Garance Gore brings her unique brand esthetic to book form, providing a fashionable and functional life guide of how to dress, how to love and how to pursue your life passions.  Just as her eponymous blog showcases her French girl style mixed with an Empire state of mind, Love Style Life is a style guide for the reader that is smart, stylish and in command of her brand.

 My Life on the Road 
Feminist icon Gloria Steinem shares how the road most traveled can often become the trail to self-acceptance and non- conventional thinking that motivates worldwide change.  A firm believer that living on the road helps her think outside the box, she shares the people she met and the lifestyles she inhabited on the road with her wanderlust-filled father, as well as her travels as an adult impacted her point of view and life choices.  Not just a compilation of deep thoughts, the stories share the funny and poignant times of a complex and layered human life.