Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color

Pretty Page Turner Book review Moll AndersonI remember my first encounter with Lifestyle Expert Moll Anderson very clearly.  I was at Book Expo America last year and as I walked down an aisle, I noticed the most beautiful booth.  There were many impressive booths by major publishing houses, but this one was completely different. The background was matte black accented by the energizing punch of fuschia, orange and yellow.  The ladies were friendly, sleek and attractively dressed in coordinated colors.  Gorgeous, approachable, colorful?  Hello, whatever you are selling, I’m buying.(see the proof)  Moll was gracious and told me about her upcoming release for 2017.  I shoved my card into her assistant’s hand and begged her to keep me in mind during the launch.  That one encounter solidifies that Moll knows the power of color to attract and build personal, powerful connections.

Her new book, Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color is a beautiful study of how color unlocks the senses and makes lasting impact emotionally.  If you are ready to ignite your creativity and release your fear of color, this is your new design book.  We all have color fears, biases and color loves which make up our individual color stories.  It is a fun and introspective journey of how color really does have the power to change your life.  Below, I’m sharing some of my favorite photos from this visually intoxicating books.

Pretty Page Turner Change Your Home Change Your Life Moll Anderson

Moll playing the role of your color superhero!


Pretty Page Turner Change Your Home Change Your Life Moll Anderson

I know the book is about color, but I love, love, love Black and White.  I’m glad Moll didn’t neglect the power of this color combination in design.  I’m finding this home and moving in.

Pretty Page Turner Change Your Home Change Your Life Moll Anderson

One of Moll’s Fearless Five tips is how a pop of color goes a long way.  Light kitchens are always in vogue, but behold this dark kitchen with pops of orange and yellow.  Baby steps…


Change Your Home Change Your Life Moll Anderson Pretty Page Turner book review

Pretty Page Turner Moll Anderson book review


I agree with Frank Sinatra-Orange is the happiest color and one of my favorites. This welcoming alcove with books is the result of Moll’s insider tip to use books as color and design accents.

This beautiful tablescape is from one of Moll’s events.  Orange you sad you weren’t invited?  (I couldn’t help myself)


Moll Anderson Pretty Page Turner Change Your Home Change your Life book reviewMoll talks about the importance of color memories and how firmly rooted they are in your life. My mother loves teal and I remember her ordering our family room chairs reupholstered in a tweed pattern woven with a teal thread.  She added oversized teal urns filled with peacock feathers (which Moll has in her book).  Her Christmas tree is frosted white with iridescent light teal ornaments. I have heard her say ‘teal’, ‘turquoise’ and ‘cobalt’ a million times, so rich, saturated blues hold a wonderful association to childhood with my very stylishly opininated mother.  When I look at this picture, all I see is my mother.  Some color memories just feel like home.

Pretty Page Turner Moll Anderson Change Your Home book reviewMoll Anderson Pretty Page Turner book review


The fun of reading this book is seeing colors in new ways.  I am not a pastel girl or a lover of green, but the photos are so beautiful, it will make you reevaluate some of your biases.  If you catch me on Instagram looking like an Easter Egg, you know who to blame!


This book is an amazing visual adventure.  I think every design addict should have this volume in her arsenal as inspiration and motivation.  I hope these few photos have inspired you to get your own personal copy.  There is so much more to see and learn, and Moll has the perfect plan to conquer color and channel it’s amazing ability to change your life.  Let the color riot begin!


So many stylish women have joined the color revolution and loving this book.  See what they are saying as well-you can sit with us, but make sure you have your own copy, we are not sharing!

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