February: The Month of (Book) Love

Every month brings an exciting new list of books to covet. Below are the books I’m adding to my #TBR

Parisian City Chic by Pretty Page Turner

Available February 2, Order it Now

  Parisian City Chic 

Style icon Ines de la Fressange adds to her library a wonderful resource guide of where to shop in the City of Lights. Think of it as a guide book (complete with map) of how to live the life of a savvy French woman about town. Where to get flowers, where to shop for the best vintage clothes and where to dine far away from the tourists, this book is a veritable road map to the chic French life.


Louis Vuitton:  Spirit of Travel recommended by prettypageturner

Available February 9, Click to Order Now

Louis Vuitton: The Spirit of Travel

Standing at the helm of Fashion Week for women’s fashion, it’s easy to forget Louis Vuitton began as the royal trunk maker. Ownership of Louis Vuitton luggage is still considered THE status symbol of reaching a certain place in society. Experience the history of travel and enjoy a peek into the luxury style of the princesses, prima donnas and celebrity that cross the globe with a little more elan and grace than coach class allows.


inside haute couture recommended by prettypageturner

Available February 9, Click to Order Now

  Inside Haute Couture

Continuing in the line of luxe and exclusivity is this new release with a look into the meccas of haute couture. There’s an ongoing discourse of whether couture is dead, but who really cares when you see the beautiful hand-wrought details of such beautiful garments. From ateliers dedicated to haute couture to the artisans that keep this trade alive, it is a beautiful addition to your fashion library.


Retail Spaces:  Store Design, Architecture and Visual Merchandising

Available February 15, Click to Order Now

Retail Spaces: Store Design, Architecture and Visual Merchandising

If you obsess over Barney window displays or have a Pinterest page dedicated to the Anthropologie aesthetic (guilty, see my obsession here) this book will make you very happy. This 5th release from the Retail Spacebook Series explores over 30 stores that have built a loyal following with a distinct visual brand identity.


Movie Freak by Owen Gleiberman recommended by prettypageturner

Available February 23, Click to Order Now

 Movie Freak: My Life Watching Movies
Everyone wants to be a judge but authentic criticism is a skill that begins with a sincere love of the medium.  Former Entertainment Weekly movie critic Owen Gleiberman shares his love of film, his brushes with celebrity and how fact and fiction become desperately intertwined when you spend your life looking at the silver screen.