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Niki Wilson


My parents, both avid readers, promoted my reading addiction.  I still remember my father leaving me checks for those elementary Scholastic Reader orders.  I couldn’t always talk him into Toys R Us, but my book budget was unlimited. I still remember being 6 years old signing my first library card (my very first credit card!), just as clearly as I remember getting my drivers license.  I always had a book nearby, reading Charlotte’s Web and other classic childhood books over and over again. From Judy Blume to C. S. Lewis, I would escape and morph into those great heroines. My love of reading continued as junior high brought The Red Badge of Courage (hated it), high school introduced Wuthering Heights (love) and The Great Gatsby (love even more).

College ended my love affair with books as I was tortured with the minutiae of reading not for enjoyment, but for the task of deciphering what would show up on an exam.  Struggling to find my way after graduation, I understood what the great Diane Von Furstenberg meant by I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to be.”  As if from heaven, I soon met a fabulously chic and intelligent author that reignited my passion for those wonderful pages.  She said that in order to succeed in life, I would need to become a lifelong learner and that I would become the product of my most prominent thoughts.  Her challenge helped me realize that reading was the path to lifelong discovery.

I took that advice and dove head and heart into the wonderful world of thoughts and ideas. I put serious mileage on my library card, spending Saturday afternoon’s hiding within the stacks, discovering new worlds and ways of living in those old library basements.  From those pages, a woman emerged and I became my own heroine, living adventurously on and off the page.

This blog is a tribute to books I have discovered and the books that helped unearth me.  Today, I still live my life influenced by the wonderfully complex and often stylish tomes I find along my path.  Like most women, I have a few great loves:  my family (of course), my vintage clothes collection (don’t judge) and my fabulous library of books, often tumbling from my bookshelves and falling out of my tote bag.  These pages are to me as the other great Diana (Vreeland) said:  Books are the passport to life and all of its splendor.  I hope you enjoy the journey with me…