October Obsessions: 15 Books Perfect with Pumpkin Spice Latte

The fresh autumn breeze is blowing leaves and stacks of great books my way. This October every #newreleaseTuesday is calling my credit card. Grab a pumpkin spice latte and let us begin an epic Autumn #TBR.

October 4

In the Company of Women
I saw the pre-release copy of this book at Book Expo America and have been impatiently (publication date patience is not my virtue) waiting for it since. Beautifully conceived by the visually talented Grace Bonney of Design Sponge, I have been fondling my 12-page galley since May. This celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit should be on every business reading list with interviews with #girlbosses from every imaginable walk of life and business acumen. Exploring the minds of girl crushes Tavi Gevinson, Linda Rodin, Issa Rae and company is an amazing opportunity and giving such great thinkers and doers a place on my bookshelf is too delicious to resist. Make note: I’m declaring this book THE gift for every sister, niece and granddaughter graduation season 2017.


Nasty Galaxy
Sophia Amoruso grafted a new branch to the ‘chick lit’ genre and solidified a viral hashtag with her debut rock n’ roll business memoir #Girl Boss. She’s back, but this time she’s giving us a visual tour into the Nasty Gal world. If you love Sophia’s no-holds bar straightforward advice and kick-butt visual style, expect nothing short of another revolution.

Nasty Galaxy recommended by Pretty Page Turner

Jackie and Cassini: A Fashion Love Affair
The allure of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis seems to endure forever, and rightfully so. Her style and aristocratic bearing gave us an American Royal Family within a democracy and she will forever be the halcyon queen. This book explores the relationship with Oleg Cassini, the man that helped her design the look of Camelot and configured a signature style that many designers still use as a touchstone today. I think it may have been the first appointment of a “Secretary of Style”.

Pretty Page Turner recommends Jackie and Cassini

You Can’t Touch my Hair
Race, sex and gender are the Trinity of touchy and volatile topics to tackle. Thankfully, we have a comedic master that can skillfully walk the line of satire, truth, education and ridiculousness. Phoebe Robinson brings the sharp tongue from Two Dope Queens to print as she schools us (in jest) of the lines that seem to divide us but that shouldn’t really separate us.

You Can't Touch my Hair recommended by Pretty Page Turner

Manolo Blahnik: Fleeting Gestures and Obsessions
This book debuted last year to much fanfare, as it should. The name that launched the statement shoe is definitely worthy of his acclaim. His designs are, in my opinion, the most simultaneously beautiful and comfortable works of art for your feet. I treasure my Manolos and this new lower priced edition will grace your coffee table as well as the shoes grace your feet.Manolo Blahnik recommended by Pretty Page Turner

Slim Aaron: Women
We all know the photos: sun-dappled scenes of beautiful people doing beautiful things. Slim Aaron was the indubitable architect of Instagrammable lifestyle photography. Assistant Laura Hawk shares their jet-set adventures with the women that influenced those iconic images. Along with the photos etched in our collective subconscious are many never seen pictures of mononymous icons like Marilyn, Audrey and Jackie. This book is entrée into the plush society of yesteryear and offers us a bird’s eye view.

Recommended by Pretty Page Turner

Coach: The Story of NY Cool
Do you remember your first Coach handbag? Of course, you do. Acquisition of that richly-hued supple overstitched leather is a rite of American teendom. Do you have a favorite silhouette? Of course, any fashionista can tell you if she prefers an oversized bucket hobo or a sleek Willis. This book explores the history of Coach from the Manhattan leather shop in 1941 to its current status as a global brand with revolving references of Americana and casual, streamlined style.

Recommended by Pretty Page Turner

Wonder Women: 25 Innovators, Inventors, and Trailblazers Who Changed History
My junior high science teacher (my only female science teacher, natch) kept a poster at the front of the room: “Girls + Science = Opportunities”. Although I enjoyed many of my science classes, I think the school system neglected showing girls, especially an extroverted introvert like me, where I could fit into the scientific community. I couldn’t see myself spending solitary days in a lab, and that was the only vision of science that I knew. So alas, I am a sideline #sciencegeek. If I had access to this great book by Sam Maggs instead, I would have more s-heroes of science and innovation as a blueprint for the expansive role of women in science. This book gives this generation of girls a fleshed out version of how science is so much more than bunsen burners, beakers and lab coats. I bought it for my little #geekgirl, but I’m reading it first!

Wonder Women recommended by Pretty Page Turner

October 11

Carolina Herrera
I met Carolina Herrera once at a fashion show and she is as gracious and lovely as her designs. Her calm, regal bearing is such a part of the DNA of her designs, it’s not a surprise her clothes fill the closet of every American First Lady. Released to commemorate her 35th anniversary, it features 240 pages of history and photos from her signature collections. Written with fashion expert and journalist JJ Martin and published by Rizzoli, you can guarantee it is a luxuriously picturesque addition to your coffee table collection.  Am I obsessed with Rizzoli?  Yes, see how  much here

Carolina Herrera book recommended by Pretty Page Turner

Around the Way Girl: A Memoir
I have been salivating for this book for more than a year when I saw it as a line item in a Simon & Schuster press release. The double entendre title is absolute genius as Taraji P. Henson has been around us for years, delivering stellar performances in so many landmark films. Finally, the role of Cookie Lyon has pushed her star into the common zeitgeist. I am super #booknerd excited to finally get to know the woman behind the actress.

Around the Way Girl recommended by Pretty Page Turner

Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style
A quiet man named Yves gave us explosive fashion moments that are still a part of our wardrobe lexicon. From the feminine tuxedo and the safari tunic, we still wear and reference his achievements. Fashion historian Florence Muller lends her YSL expertise to this volume investigating his process and influences. Fashionista’s make room on your fashion history bookshelf.

Yves Saint Laurent recommended by Pretty Page Turner

October 18

The Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style
Everyone likes to watch: especially when what you’re looking at is stylish, innovative and chic. Enter The Coveteur, our favorite internet stop for stylish living by stylish people. Sticking to a winning recipe of information with a dash of stellar photography, we get a peek into the inner world and inner workings of designers, celebrities, models and personalities that great Instagram photos are made of. Talking with tastemakers is a pleasant way to pass the time, so make room in your schedule to sneak a peak on fashionable friends.

Book by The Coveteur recommended by Pretty Page Turner

Mistakes Millionaires Make
Sometimes you need a little pep talk, an internal Ted Talk moment: part education, part inspiration, part make you feel you’re not as bad as you thought. This book by leading CEO-coach Harry Clark gives it to you in spades. Learning at the knees of business titans as they crash and burn and eventually rise again are life lessons that will inspire you, give you steps to do better in life and assuage your guilt of that one time you bought the shoes instead of paying the electric bill on time. In your case no one lost their pension, the family business did not go up in flames. If they can bounce back-so can you!

Mistake Millionaires Make recommended by Pretty Page Turner

October 25

Barneys New York
Shopping til you drop is so easy at Barney’s-and it always has been. 93 years old and forever young, the iconic store is the go-to for the fashionably hip and the visually astute. I actually have a Pinterest page dedicated to many of their magnificent window displays. This legacy scrapbook celebrates Barneys as the epicenter of style and New York shopping history. Another beautiful book by Rizzoli, expect 300 pages of seminal ad campaigns and celebrity-infused events.

New Book about Barneys recommended by Pretty Page Turner

Not Just Jane: Rediscovering Seven Amazing Women Writers that Transformed British Literature
There is the ongoing intelligence/character-discerning debate: Aidan or Mr. Big? The female fiction reading community has a similar debate: Heathcliff or Mr. Darcy? I fall decidedy with Bronte as Wuthering Heights is one of my FAVVVVVVE books which is a big deal, as I read mostly non-fiction. Bronte and Austen aside, here is a look at the OTHER exceptional female British authors that have fallen off our collective reading radar. I’m always up for a new literary obsession, so I’m taking this book as a personal TBR challenge of new authors to binge-read. And just because you asked (and you did, right?) I’m all Mr. Big, all the time!  John James Preston, yassssss honey!

Not Just Jane recommended by Pretty Page Turner