The Power of the (Paperless) Post

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Paperless Post.

October is literally just around the corner, so I’m beginning to prepare for my favorite time of year.  You may think I’m referring to the holidays, but as a book blogger, the 4th quarter is when the publishing industry goes into hyperdrive.  The months between October and February is an embarrassment of riches for my reading list.  I spend more time reading, reviewing and communicating with authors and publishers than any other time of the year.  Sending thank you cards to the publishers that fill my bookshelves is a regular part of my job duties.  

I won’t lie, I am a traditionalist, but even I had to come to terms with the ease of the virtual world. Since I’ve been blogging, the number of physical copies of books that show up in my mailbox has diminished, most advance reader copies arrive electronically to my e-reader.  Although any booklover will tell you they prefer the feel of a physical book, one can’t negate the power of electronic downloads.  It’s faster, less expensive and allows publishers to reach more bloggers. And I hate to admit it, but I can actually read more books when I can carry many titles easily in my Kindle, versus overloading the straps on my favorite book tote. 

As much as I am begrudgingly dragged into new millennia, the customizable online invitation store Paperless Post has made me a happy e-convert.  I have received invitations via Paperless Post for years, but this partnership post has made me reassess a new way to manage my correspondence.  For me, the most logical use was to design a thank you card that I can send to the generous publicists that choose Pretty Page Turner to showcase their new releases.  Gone are the days of finding stationary, sitting down to write and actually looking for stamps.  In fact, the only reason I had stamps around was for my thank you notes (anyone feeling me here?).  As a bonus, I know my e-cards will make it to the publicists, as I always have email addresses. In the past, I’ve only had the large publishing company address-do publicists really work in the office daily?  I really had no way of knowing if my pony express mail was actually received.   


Pretty Page Turner Paperless Post front

After choosing this Kate Spade design, I easily added my pictures. Think of the possibilities-I could add book covers, bookshelves-anything my bookish heart desires!

Pretty Page Turner Paperless Post back

Designing the back was just as easy. I added my logo, my web address and personalized thank you. Pretty classy, right?




I can’t believe I haven’t been using Paperless Post before!  The many design templates are simply fun shopping.  I chose a design by one of my favorite brands Kate Spade, but I could have chosen from well-known names like Rifle Paper, Kelly Wearstler or Oscar de la Renta and you all know I’m a diva about my designers.  I can design multiple thank you cards and store them in my dashboard.  I can change the verbiage on each card and customize the photos as I like.  I can store my industry contacts in my address book.  The applications are really endless-what about a “What are you publishing next?”  card to keep me and my website top of mind?  I almost feel sorry for these poor publicists as Paperless Post gives me easy and practical manner to keep in touch.  Think of the many ways Paperless Post can make your life easier!

Pretty Page Turner Paperless Post Holiday Card

The holidays are approaching FAST! This design by Oscar de la Renta is a perfect way to ring in the season. Check out the other beautiful Holiday designs.

Pretty Page Turner birthday invite Paperless Post

Who doesn’t know and love a child that deserves a party as cute as this invitation? Check out the other great options for Kid’s birthday parties.


I might be slow to the party, but Paperless Post has given me the ease of use and breadth of applications that I can use in every area of my life.  Not just an asset for the party planner, it is good for life, business and social planning as well. I have happily tossed my forever stamps, well, forever!

Thank you to Paperless Post for their partnership on this blogpost.   I received compensation to my Paperless Post account in exchange for a review of the website services.  Of course, all bookish opinions are my own.  I really think this rocks and I’ve dumped the stamps forever!