Power Your Happy

I have a sugar addiction, but it’s not for cake or cookies. I’m referring to my dependence on PopSugar as my preferred portal for all my news, serious or superfluous.   I’ve always loved the upbeat optimism as PopSugar covers all areas of my life, but in a way that is accessible and gives the same credence to ‘hard news’ or my preferred celebrity gossip. (#imjustsaying)

Now I understand the personality of my fave internet page as it’s founder Lisa Sugar has released her first book “Power Your Happy:  Work Hard, Play Nice & Build Your Dream“.  I have decided Lisa and I are soul sisters, children of the same generation, sharing similar childhood touchstones.  So many times in the book, I thought “Me, too!”.  Lisa (and I) are a part of the generation that was expected to go to college, get a well-paying (hint: corporate) job, start a perfectly nuclear family and live happily ever after.  But, then…

Lisa takes us along her planned path then realized she was not as sure of her path as expected.  She moved from what should have been great job to great job, but began finding more fulfillment in her “side project”-a little blog about celebrity and pop culture.  (Definitely my sister from another Mister: I rock at the game Celebrity)  As internet media expanded, so did the likelihood that her hobby could actually become her main hustle.  As unlikely as it should have been to any business-bound GenXers, she and her husband took the plunge and began to make Pop Sugar a true going concern. No more 9-5, no more answering to bosses, she was blazing a path that no one, including herself, expected. Of course, it seems completely logical 10 years later as Pop Sugar generates over 1 billion in sales as the #1 Lifestyle Media force with a formidable global reach of over 100 million people, myself included.

Lisa shares her story as a cool friend, never boastful of her success, but fully realizing her enviable work and lifestyle, she shares the hard-knock knowledge she discovered along the way.  How to network, how to discover your true passion and how she and her husband balance (is that even a valid term?) their life, business and family, she is completely relatable and totally inspiring.  As I read the book, I realized Lisa’s personality is the DNA of what I love so much on the website. She is completely honest, but never mean, endearingly optimistic, even when acknowledging that sometimes life SUCKS.  She claims to have a potty mouth, but it’s not vulgar, it sort of quirky and may I say it-NICE.  She seems like the type of boss that gives it straight, no chaser, but pours out her criticism in a cute martini shaker for you.  She’s an intelligent and cool chick that developed a safe place for likeminded smart, cool chicks.  (Once again, myself included).

This is not a ball-buster career blueprint, which it is a relief, as I have read plenty of them.  It is a friendly, resourceful lifestyle manual for those that may be wondering “is this all there is” and ready, or forced, to make a career change. Can it be done? Is it worth the risk?  Lisa shows that it is possible and your happiness is definitely worth the effort.  I keep referring to it as a lifestyle guide because Lisa makes a point of never really distinguishing between career, home and family.  She gives us a modern take on ‘having it all’, encouraging instead  ‘merging it all’, fully acknowledging that ‘all’ is a lot to handle sometimes.

If you’ve put yourself on a self-help or business book diet, exhausted by the usual goal-setting, list-making intensity, I recommend you lean into this new release. I promise if you read this book, you will also develop a predilection for sugar (Lisa Sugar, that is) as well-it’s a sweet read.