Super Tuesday Results

The current political system is tricky, but adding to my bookshelves is easy with so many great books published on the same day.  I’m usually looking forward to one, maybe two, new releases each Tuesday, but sporadically, the stars align and I can easily break my book budget in one day. Below are today’s releases that I am obsessed with owning. Each one gets my vote!

Florence Foster Jenkins: The Life of the World’s Worst Opera Singer

Florence Foster Jenkins book review Pretty Page Turner

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There’s Don Quixote and William Hung-both examples of sheer determination to achieve lofty goals despite the total lack of talent or skill.  Enter into this glowing pantheon of preposterousness Florence Foster Jenkins, the best imaginable worst opera singer.  This biography by David W. Bullock is loads of fun. It’s so easy to see how this could take place-how often has John Q. Public helped convert the self-deluded into celebrity status through social media and undeserved attention?  It’s a compelling story which has already has a movie treatment starring none other than the anti-Florence Meryl Streep. (release date August 12, 2016, watch the trailer).  It’s a fun study of the power of self-confidence, unrestrained self-delusion and the fleeting sincerity of celebrity.



Couture Confessions: Fashion Legends in their Own Words

Couture Confessions book review Pretty Page Turner

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Common cocktail party conversation question: “If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive…?”  If your guest list includes the most celebrated fashion influencers of ANY generation, curator Pamela Golbin is hosting your dream tête-à-tête.  Designers Paul Poiret, Cristóbal Balenciaga, Madame Grès, Alexander McQueen, Madeleine Vionnet, Gabrielle Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Yves Saint Laurent, Jeanne Lanvin, Pierre Balmain, and Christian Dior are highlighted for a imaginary sit down with the answers sourced from her well-researched news and personal archives.  Every fashion history obsessive must add this to the bookshelf.



Smart Blonde: Dolly Parton,  A Biography

Smart Blonde book Review Pretty Page Turner

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I think everyone loves Dolly Parton and why wouldn’t you?  The most celebrated woman in country woman, she is a real force to be reckoned with.  Talented and beautiful, she is the teller of her own story and lets us all in on the obvious joke with good humor.  Smarter than anyone would want to give her credit for, she has used her image to build an enviable empire. Country music reviewer Stephen Miller updates his previous book, letting us behind the curtain to her stellar career and business acumen.  As expected, there is very little scandal; just hard work, perseverance, discipline and heart and intellect as big as…



Is You Okay?

Is You Okay? book review Pretty Page Turner

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There are tons of people who are “internet famous”, but very few make it from YouTube to the White House. Glozell Green offers a funny memoir of growing up in Florida (hey fellow #FLgirl) and how her life challenges and lessons often correlate to her slide-splitting antics.  ‘Is You Okay’ is a new kind of millennial empowerment manual, letting young women know it’s okay to be fully yourself, and although events may not be funny in the moment, eventually everything turns out well.




Hair by John Barrett

hair by john barrett pretty page turner review

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Celebrity hair stylist John Barrett offers a beautiful (and big) book exploring the history and symbolism of our favorite and most frustrating accessory.  From Farrah’s flip to the androgyny of Grace’s flat top, you can explore how hair is the ultimate street style expression of cultural temperature.  This beautifully photographed book is 260 pages of good hair days and a perfect edition to the luxurious Assouline catalog.



Wilde Times

Wilde Time book review Pretty Page Turner

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The New York City Ballet is still the standard bearer of high culture, and the dictatorial reign of George Balanchine was it’s golden era.  As beautiful and serene the performances, the behind the scenes clamor is often messy and chaotic. Principal dancer Patricia Wilde allows access to friends, papers and archives of that glorious time and shares the details of seminal performances and once in a lifetime events.  All bunheads should head to their local bookstore today.  This is ballet history of the highest caliber.