The ARCs of August: A Sneak Peek at the Best New Releases

Let’s face it:  book blogger is a new fancy term for a book nerd that still enjoys writing book reports. I own my label because being a book nerd does have advantages. Most publishers realize our diehard fandom and are so generous to offer access to upcoming new releases because they know a book nerd loves nothing more than reading a book and then sharing it with their booknerd squad. Score! Below are a few of the advance reader copies I received for the month of August that you should know about. Get your credit card ready: I’m sure you will be as excited as I am about these titles.

Pretty Page Turner The Arcs of August

Morningstar:  Growing Up with Books
August 1, 2017 Release Date

Ann Hood is a best-selling fiction author, the most recent (check it out here) featuring books and bookclubs as an integral plotline. This new release is actually a memoir (right up my alley) of her life learning to love and discovering herself through books. Can there be anything better than a book about the love of reading books? I’m excited to see what Ms. Hood does when she is the main character.





The ARCs of August Pretty Page TurnerYou Play the Girl
August 8, 2017 Release Date

Carina Chocano, a former movie critic, delivers a series of essays about the way women are portrayed, or rather stereotyped, in popular media.  An expose of how our perception of women is skewed in movies, music and television, I’m always excited to learn more about the merger of caricature and character.  As a movie lover, I’m hoping Ms. Chocano dissects the iconic images we see on screen and brings new perspective to well-loved and time worn female roles.




The ARCs of August Pretty Page TurnerThe Bettencourt Affair
August 8, 2017 Release Date

Scandal in my favorite city, concerning the heirs of a beauty dynasty and a charming con man that rocks the world of fashion, art and politics?  Yes, Please!!!  Originally an article for Vanity Fair, author Tom Sancton brings the full story to book form.  Let’s be honest-articles in Vanity Fair are as long as a book, so now we can get the rest of the story.  It’s been awhile since I’ve read anything juicy and messy, so I’m ready for a little drama.




The ARCs of August Pretty Page TurnerThe World Broke in Two
August 15, 2017 Release Date

Genius doesn’t happen in a vacuum and Bill Goldstein proves it with this look into the year 1922. As the world rebounds from a World War, the future legends of literature Virginia Woolf, E.M. Forster, D.H. Lawrence and T.S. Eliot are struggling to become new voices for a new world.  I always love learning the process of genius and creativity.  These voices, and the subsequent works that solidified their status, fed off each other as Bill Goldstein shares that they knew, respected and learned from one another.  What could be a dry literary history, I’m assuming will be nothing like that in the very relatable style of  Mr. Goldstein, the founding editor of the New York Times books website.



The ARCs of August


Meet Your Matcha
August 17, 2017 Release Date

I can’t be philosophical and intellectual all the time, can I?  Sometimes a girl just wants a good smoothie.  I follow many health advocates on Pinterest and Instagram, and this book of  Matcha recipes as part of your health plan is a welcome change of pace. You might want to follow NourishBooks, the English publishing house for books for people who want to eat well, live well.




The ARCs of August Pretty Page TurnerThe Man Who Loved Libraries
August 15, 2017 Release Date

This book is a little younger than my children’s age range, but it’s a great first look at the man who came from nothing, worked hard, made a ton of money, then gave paid back the society he loved by building libraries in a tribute to his love of learning.  It’s also a reminder in this current climate that the inclusion of immigrants happens to be one of the factors that made America great. #justsaying




The ARCs of August Pretty Page TurnerI’ll Have What She’s Having
August 29, 2017 Release Date

This is a little preemptive, as I’m still waiting on permission for this ARC, but a book nerd can only hope.  Author Erin Carlson looks into the process of the comedy goddess/writer Nora Ephron and the romantic comedies that define the category.  It answers all the questions of how she wrote the perfect stories and cast the perfect actors, with undeniable chemistry, to produce the movies often utilized as a personal romance blueprint.  The wit and wisdom of Nora Ephron is a neverending wellspring of information and inspiration-I can’t wait to read it.  Please, please, please Hachette Books, do you hear me?