The Rory Reading Challenge is a Thing

So this just happened:  I discovered the Rory Reading Challenge. I’m late to the Gilmore Girls party, about 16 years and 7 seasons too late.  Of course,  I don’t live under a rock (I live with my nose in a book), so I know who they are and what they are about. Young, single Mom raising a quick, witty daughter, hanging with a cast of quirky characters, Melissa McCarthy pre-movie-stardom yada yada yada.  However, with this special holiday episode and all the hype surrounding it, I am now aware that Lorelai is addicted to coffee and Rory is obsessed with books.  Welcome into my life,  my soul sisters!!!  I just might have to grab a seat on the couch and check out my sisters from another mister.

Books seem to serve as another cast member on set and ‘Rory Reading Challenges” are a thing.  I’m not much for reading challenges, but I love a curated booklist/recommendation.  Call it what you want, and use it as you choose, but below are some of the websites featuring the Rory list/challenges I could find.  Nothing like adding 339 books for your TBR-Enjoy!


Black, White and Read Books

My personal fave and recommendation is the blog Black, White and Read Books.  The Tagline is ‘reading all books referenced on Gilmore Girls’, so this chick is legit obsessed (in the best possible way).  I love that she has the books broken down by season and instead of just a list, the book covers are shown.  Of course we never buy a book by it’s cover, but still…  In addition, if you click the book cover, she shares a synopsis of the book and a review if she has read it as well as how the book was referenced on the show. I bow down-much respect!

Black White and Read Books recommended by Pretty Page Turner



Callaloo Soup

This blog caught my eye because since moving to Florida, I now know what callaloo is.  In addition, she lives in France, i.e. she is versed on all things beautiful.  No Brainer!  This site is an amazing resource because she links you to a quiz where you can find how many of the books you’ve already read (feeling superior much?).

Callaloo Soup recommended Pretty Page Turner Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge



Good Reads

Of course, Good Reads will have the penultimate lists and challenges.  Whether you want the entire list or each season at a time, there is a list and a group of similarly obsessed Rory fans to collaborate with.


Good Reads Pretty Page Turner rory reading challenge

Going Down Swinging

Going Down Swinging is one of Australia’s longest-running and most respected literary journals, or so it says on it’s site.  I don’t know if that is true or not, but I don’t live down under so who am I to argue? What I do know is this Patrick Fenton is actually reading the books and posting his reviews.  The reviews are intelligent, strange and a little wonky, but I like it and I think you will as well.  Each book review has great photos, modern cultural references and insights as well as funny memes. In addition, the full list of books are listed neatly in alphabetical order, which I find comforting for some odd reason.

Pretty Page Turner Going Down Swinging Rory Reading Challenge