Decor Galore: Top 10 Interior Design Books

Perhaps it is a book publishing conspiracy to release so many great Design and Décor books the same month of High Point Market, the premier Home Furnishing industry trade show, but I’m not complaining.  I’m happy to rearrange the coffee table and bookshelf for these beautifully photographed books full of tips and inspiration to update and beautify my home.


Top 10 Interior Design Books The Art of Celebrating David MonnThe Art of Celebrating

Known as the Architect of Style, David Monn transforms events, home design and theatre into transformative and beautiful ‘environments’ for celebration.  From styling State Dinners (yes, The White House) to the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala (yes, the Met Gala), he lends his well-trained eye and expertise to your home celebrations and grand events like birthday parties and weddings.



Better than New Nicole Curtis Top 10 Interior Design BooksBetter Than New 

If you’re an HGTV addict, then you are familiar with Nicole Curtis, the Rehab Addict.  This tiny spitfire tackles some of the biggest renovation projects with aplomb.  From my home state of Michigan (#spartan4life) to Minnesota, she shares how she rebuilt her life as a single mother, changing careers and building a personal brand, astutely aligning it with the power of reusing and recycling homes and interiors.  An apt study in similiarities, the effort she has to put into seeing the potential of long neglected homes become  8 lessons for making a life of value. Not a typical design book, it explores the interior of homes as well as the interior of the heart.


Andrew Ginger Cecil Beaton at Home Top 10 Interior Design BooksCecil Beaton at Home:  An Interior Life

The definition of a Renaissance man, Cecil Beaton blazed a trail of beauty, creativity and style through tony London and New York.  Concentrating on the favorite of his country homes as well as his hotel residences, this visual biography shows how his interior life informed his talents as a designer, writer, photographer and playwright (there are more, but you get it-he was a pretty big deal).  A multihypenate bon vivant, Interior Designer was one of his favorite callings and pasttimes.  Each page will allow you to escape back into a life of beauty and refinement that houses a genius mind.


Top 10 Interior Design Books The Magnolia Story Chip and Joanna GainesThe Magnolia Story 

I know I’m not the only one glued to HGTV Tuesday nights to find out if people are ready to see their fixer upper.  I know I’m not the only one who loves the cute dichotomy of the funny, frenetic Chip and a calm, solidly sincere Joanna.  I also know that I’m not the only one that loves the rustic glamour and charm of the Waco homes they remodel for their clients.  This husband and wife team, with a gaggle of kids (how many are there anyway?) share the story of how the build homes, their lives and their ever expanding businesses.  I know I won’t be the only one buying  the book. (#amIright?)



Horst at Home in Vogue Hamish Bowles Top 10 Interior Design booksAround That Time:  Horst at Home in Vogue

If you enjoy seeing how the other half live (and I know you do) you will love this book about the Horst P. Horst, the preeminent fashion photographer that liked to watch.  A coveteur before The Coveteur, he and his camera were allowed access into the private rooms of leading style makers and high-society denizens.  Enjoy many photos from the original publication of  Vogue’s Book of Houses, Gardens, People as well as many never-before-seen pictures of stylish spaces and the people that inhabit them.



Top 10 Interior Design Books Interior Design Master Class Carl DellatoreInterior Design Master Class

If you could take a class and have access to a rotation of 100 of the top professors-how much would you pay to attend?  For much less than a tuition payment, you can have access to the top influencers of Interior Design.  As lessons span the gamut from practicality, comfort, style and inspiration, your style professors share their view and offer a look at the principles at work in their aestetics. I would consider it required reading for your Décor group study sessions.



Top 10 Interior Design Books Francois CatrouxFrancois Catroux 

A look at the stellar design career of international master Francois Catroux, this Rizzoli-published (my code for big and beautifully photographed) book is 240 pages of glamour, refined opulence and classic sentimentality in contemporary design.  More than 40 years of private and public spaces are explored from all points on the globe.  Despite disparate locations, they all share the Catroux DNA of unexpected elements combined with classic sumptuous foundations. Although it is a retrospective look at a career, it will serve as a classic textbook for Design Professionals and Home Décor enthusiasts.



Top 10 Interior Design Books My Life in Design Terence ConranTerence Conran: My Life in Design

The Godfather of the premise that life is style and style is life, Terence Conran has 60 years of experience influencing how we live, how we dine, vacation and shop.  On the streets (I do have street cred), he would be considered the OG (Original Gangster) of thoughtful design.  Exploring the building of a brand he created, he provides wonderfully witty commentary to the origin of the design ideas he propogated into our culture.  Sit down, children and learn from the master.



Top 10 Interior Design Books The Art of Interior Design Kelly HoppenKelly Hoppen:  The Art of Interior Design

The House of Hoppen is extremely prolific:  Designer Kelly Hoppen could fill the libraries of the well-appointed homes she decorates with the many gorgeous books she has written (11 at current count).  The Art of Interior Design is a lovely instruction manual for developing your personal style and translating it into your interiors.  From setting a budget (and sticking to it) to a resource guide of her favorite purveyors, Kelly gives you a clear blueprint to build beautiful environments that are personal, luxurious and distinctive. Obviously, Kelly must be an insomniac as she released another book on the same date. Kelly Hoppen: a Retrospective is a look back at her career, beginning with the commission to decorate a friend’s kitchen.  Clearly a burgeoning design star-no one would have asked for my teen advice on their kitchen as a George Michael poster is not considered an apex of high design.


Top 10 Interior Design Books Modern Living Scandinavian Style Claire BinghamModern Living: Scandinavian Style

If you prefer simple functionality with a dollop of calming comfort you probably have a few (or a lot) of designers from the Nordic region  in your Instagram feed (my hand is raised). The light infused interiors with comfortable linens and wood are catnip for a certain kind of décor addict (my is hand raised).  Claire Bingham helps you achieve the functional essentials of this signature aestethic with practical tips and easy updates.  Inspirational and attainable, you can bring a little cool Nordic to whatever climate you abide.



Which of these new books do you want to grace your coffee table?