Women’s History Month by the Book

I am totally pro-girl.  I love women and the complexity of our lives. I have been accused of featuring books only about and for women.  I do not and never will deny it-I think women are wonderful. Our lives are intricate, messy and always intriguing.  In honor of Women’s History Month, I’ve compiled this list of new releases and upcoming publications by and about the lives of women I’m excited to read.


All In Stephanie Breedlove Pretty Page Turner postAll In:  How Women Entrepreneurs Can Think Bigger, Build Sustainable Businesses, and Change the World

Stephanie Breedlove’s story is my favorite kind of girl boss.  As her career progressed and their family grew, she and her husband needed help managing the paperwork and legalities of hiring a home child care provider (anyone been there?)  Recognizing a problem and solving it for herself and other working families became the impetus of a profitable business startup, eventually sold to Care.com.  The success of women as entrepreneurs is often the result of becoming the problem solver that we women usually are.   Women always know how to take the life’s lemons and produce tasty and profitable lemonade.

Stephanie candidly shares the psychological challenges of taking risks to become the entrepreneurs that women are naturally acclimated for.  She acts as the mentor that she was looking for along her journey and she encourages every woman that the risk of taking the leap is worth the journey of self-discovery and life fulfillment.  I love that she keeps it simple, defining an entrepreneur as someone that has an idea they just can’t seem to stop thinking about.  If the adage “ideas are the beginning points of all great fortune” is true, then this book is the road map to taking the leap from idea into a challenging and exciting entrepreneurial career.


The Game Changers Pretty Page Turner PostThe Game Changers: Success Secrets From 40 Women At The Top: How To Become A Fearless, Fabulous Girl Boss

Imagine sitting at the knees of a few of the top people (who happen to be women) in philanthropy, business, social media, fashion and science.  Steph Adams and Samantha Brett compile a masterclass of women who have overcome obstacles, set a course to conquer and achieved their ideal lives in the process.  After 20 years of interviewing movers and shakers, they noticed the common traits that have allowed these women to defy the odds and become the dernier cri of girl bosses.  This is the kind of wide ranging group of women that will appeal to every women, as they share a similar DNA trail to be used as inspiration to achieve your personal best.


Modern Women 52 Pioneers Pretty Page TurnerModern Women:  52 Pioneers

Remember weekly readers?  This is the grown girl equivalent. 52 inspiring women offer a weekly history lesson of how their lives are relevant to larger issues such as science, politics and artistic freedom. A disparate mix of females from Katherine Hepburn to Frida Kahlo, Bjork to Louise Bourgeouis,  this volume showcases the depth and breadth of how extraordinary the female species really is.  Fill your year with inspiration, motivation and pride at the power of women’s lives to promote gender equality and progression.


Ballerina Body Misty Copeland Pretty Page TurnerBallerina Body: Dancing and Eating Your Way to a Leaner, Stronger, and More Graceful You

We know Prima Ballerina Misty Copeland for her amazing life journey from dire straits to conquering the classical world of ballet.  We also know Misty Copeland for her amazingly strong and sculpted physique, which was originally rejected by the ballet cognoscenti.  Shattering the glass slipper with determination and hard work, she changed the game of ballet and now gives every woman the game changing combination of exercise, diet plan and personal motivation to build our strongest body.  Offering a realistic health plan, exercise routines and encouragement, this book is about health, strength and building the body that allows you to fulfill your goals.


Joan Juliet Beck Vogue Pretty Page TurnerThe Price of Illusion: A Memoir

I’ve read Joan Juliet Buck‘s dispatches for years in Vogue.  When I heard she was writing her memoir, I was immediately on alert.  The only American woman to be Editor in Chief at French Vogue, Ms. Buck has lived a life in all the best places with all the best people.  After decades of glitter and gold, she found herself not quite ‘en Vogue’.  How she rediscovered herself and rebuilt her life is a DIY of how to make your next act exceptional by design.




Dallas Shaw Book Review Pretty Page TurnerThe Way She Wears it

The Instagram bio for Dallas Shaw reads “I draw pretty things for pretty people”-which is a good enough resume for me.  Fashion illustrator for big name fashion brands Donna Karan, Christian Louboutin and beauty brands Maybelline and Neutrogena seals the deal. Dallas skillfully throws her years of knowledge into the style arena, producing a beautifully illustrated guide to honing in on your personal style.  Giving us a little girl talk, she helps anyone from the novice shopper to the experienced fashionista with useful hacks for mixing prints, choosing complementary colors and how to layer like a Olsen twin, without the unfortunate entry into vagabond chic.  I always have room on my shelf for fashion guides, especially when they are beautifully compiled and full of industry insider information.  If Ms. Shaw’s social media is any indicator, we are in for great eye candy.


Rachel Dolezal In Full Color Book List Pretty Page TurnerIn Full Color

Rachel Dolezal is an easy lightning rod for derision.  Living as an African American women, she sparked headlines when it was revealed she was Caucasian.  Was she posing or was she living in her own individual truth?  My personal definition of feminism is the desire to want all women to have the right to live as they want, without judgment, just as men live.  I’m not sure if I agree or disagree with Rachel’s choices, but I do support her right to share her story.  I’m interested to hear her side and think that sisterhood can only grow stronger when we allow all women to have a voice-even if it may run counter to our own.


My Soul Looks Back Jessica B. Harris Pretty Page Turner postMy Soul Looks Back:  A Memoir

I’ve just received my prerelease copy of this memoir by award-winning writer Jessica B. Harris.  Known for her culinary histories, Jessica not only knows food, she knows how to take a bite out of life. Jessica has lived a full, expansive life and takes us on the journey with acquaintances such as Maya Angelou, James Baldwin and Toni Morrison.  I am looking forward to crossing decades, continents and the paths of remarkable people in this salon of great African-American history and literature.